Life's Journeys is created for the everyday parent who has his/her hands full but has a list of needs that need to be met. Life's Journeys offers just this. It is one stop place that offers you a cup of coffee in our Coffee Shop, opportunity to get your hair done in our Hair Salon or a Beauty treatment at our Beauty Salon. Alternatively you can challenge your creative side in the beads shop or grab a gift from our Gifts section. Need some basic house hold cleaning aids? Then pop into our Visschem Chemical shop. Feel like you won't be able to enjoy this opportunity due to having your child or baby on hand? Then simply take the opportunity to free yourself some much deserved time by booking your baby or child in with our Daytime -Crashers’ babysitter. Alternatively why not enrol your child for swimming lessons at our swim school. You can do all this and more at Life's Journeys while being securely parked in enclosed parking area.

For more information on our specific products and services please visit our Services section.

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